Holy never going to bed!

Okay, my munchies are not morning people. They’re late sleepers, as am I, as is Daddy. Homeschooling gives us this opportunity, however… when it’s 11:48 p.m. and all three of my munchies are still awake and my 3-year old is standing here crying for me to come upstairs and watch TV with him, I question everything in life. Everything. Why on God’s green Earth is HE UP!?!?  Why can’t they ever, EVER, just go to sleep at 9:30 or 10:00?? Never! There are days, especially in the summer, when the kids have been outside all day getting out so much energy and I’ll put them in bed around 9:00 thinking, ‘okay, they’ve got to be dead tired’ and midnight will come and they’ll still be up. I think they hate me. Yep. That has to be it. Right now, the fact that Mommy isn’t on her ass drunk or banging her head against the wall is one to be commended! Seriously. It’s midnight, folks. The 9-year old is up. The 6-year old is up and the 3-year old is not only up, but up my behind. Does anyone else have kids that JUST WON’T SLEEP???

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