So, this is about me? Okay, let’s talk about me for a second. I’m a mom (like many of you). I have three munchies in my house right now. Munchie # 1 is a 9-year old girl. Munchie # 2 is a 7-year old boy. Munchie # 3 is a 4-year old boy. My house is also home to two dogs, two cats and constant chaos.  We tried homeschooling for a year, but we’re in public school (4th grade and 2nd grade) at the moment. The 4-year old does preschool at home with me.  I’m very thrifty, which is not to say I’m cheap, because there is a very big difference, but if I can find it for less, or buy it used, or do it myself, I’m going to. I’m also fairly holistic and very into natural remedies for ailments, injuries and illnesses. You won’t see me bringing my kids to the doctor for a fever. Not at first at least. You won’t see me buying food that uses GMOs, nor will you see my kids eating all the prepackaged, geared for them crap in a box. Trust me, they’re kids. They like crap in a box… but when they get the organic stuff, they don’t know the difference.  I’m a big sports fan. I live in New Jersey with my pretty awesome husband and this wonderful brood of mine. In any event, that’s a smidgen about me.

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