Yes, I’m one of those moms! I buy organic a lot and I make a lot of stuff myself, when I can. I don’t buy most of the “big brands” because they’re the ones full of the most garbage and they also contributed a lot of money to shoot down the GMO labeling movement in California. (GMO=genetically modified organism). My kids love cereal and cereal bars. They get organic brands and let me tell you — they’re delicious! We especially love the Nature’s Path brands of kids cereals and bars (Envirokidz). My local supermarket carries them and Trader Joe’s also has them, but luckily for me, if they didn’t, I could buy them right there on that link. My kids eat Annie’s macaroni & cheese, too and you know what? It’s yummier than Kraft. I don’t buy a lot of pre-made or frozen foods. If my kids want waffles, I make them on the waffle iron. If they want pancakes, same thing. If they want a bagel, I live in NJ and get the yummiest bagels from the bagel store :). Seriously, though, we don’t buy frozen pizzas unless it’s Annie’s or Amy’s, which are both really good! That’s not to say they’ve never had Digiorno or Tombstone because we have… but it’s not the norm.

When they’re sick, which is rare (thankfully), I don’t do what many parents do. I do not call or go to the doctor with them. I’m a mom and I have natural instincts. Viruses clear up on their own and almost EVERY time a child of mine gets sick, it’s viral. If they have a fever, I put them in a bed, with some juice and TV and let it work its way out. I don’t throw Tylenol or Advil down their throats, unless they’re in pain and then only as a quick painkiller. A fever is the body’s natural response to a virus and it heats up to kill off those germs. Trying to force that fever down with medicine only delays the recovery. When they have “the runs”, we don’t give medicine to try and stop that either. They, too, are the body’s natural reaction to something it’s trying to flush out.  I swear by certain home remedies for conditions as well. Apple Cider Vinegar can cure almost anything. A cayenne pepper throat gargle can rip through a sore throat. Natural (raw) honey is a super powerful healer as well. And lemons! They’re amazing as well.

Comment with your favorite natural foods or home remedies. 🙂

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