I love thrift stores. Love love love them! It pains me to buy clothes for my kids at retail prices and I never do it, but I will shop the retail stores during clearance or sale events and even then it’s usually only out of immediate need, birthdays or Christmas gifts. I don’t know how to sew very well at all, so I’m not at the point of making our own clothes, although it is something I strive to learn. So, thrift and consignment stores have become my favorite places in the world to get clothes, shoes or toys for the kids. Case in point: my kids had a Christmas concert at their homeschool co-op and needed white top, black bottom. I went to Walmart to price those items. The Walmart brand of skirt (I think it was George) for my daughter was about $15.00 and the Walmart brand pants for my son was about the same. I then went to a consignment store and found a pair of black Ralph Lauren pants for my son to wear that I paid less than $5.00 for and a nice IZ skirt for my daughter for about the same. Throw in the Ralph Lauren white sweaters, the black dress shoes I had gotten both kids at the thrift store and my kids ended up with high end labels, good quality clothes and shoes, for less than the Walmart brand. Why buy the good brands? Because they’re a higher quality and sell well on eBay. You basically make your money back, or in some cases, make more than you spent. The North Face fleece jacket I paid $13.00 for my daughter at the thrift store sold for $20.00 on eBay. So, share your comments/ideas here and help each other out. Everyone could save a little green!

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